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Robinson Park Renovations Approved

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Upgrades to be Made to Robinson Park

Carli Culpepper, Communication Intern

Clinton Parks and Recreation is continuing progress on the Robinson Park Improvement Project in the Historic Sarah Dickey Neighborhood.  A new playground, videos surveillance system, and restrooms were added to Robinson Park in 2020.

The upcoming improvements to the park include a half basketball court, pavement of the walking trail, added lighting around the park and trail, and improved drainage.

Improvements to the walking trail will include the removal of uneven segments of the asphalt and an overlay of asphalt to ensure an even and flat walking surface.

Lighting will be added along the walking trail and sidewalks around the park to make the park more accessible at night for families and residents.

The half basketball court will be an added for children 12 and under. It will feature a basketball goal of a shorter height for children to enjoy.

An upgrade to drainage will also be made to prevent standing water throughout the park. Larger drainpipes will be added throughout the park and existing ditches will be concreted. Concreting ditches will also aid in the removal of water from the park.

A retaining wall will be created to prevent water from remaining on the walking trail.

Parks and recreation budgeted $280,000 in the 2021 Budget for this phase of construction on the walking trails, lights, drainage and basketball court for children. Additional phases of renovation for the historic park are planned as funds become available. Parks and Recreation leadership and Mayor Phil Fisher are looking for grants that could aid in the redevelopment of the park in a more expeditious manner.

Leadership continues to make this park a true vision of the citizens needs and pride for the neighborhood. The City of Clinton continues to work with the citizens who are acting as advocates for Robinson Park to direct the revitalization of the park. Their (residents) vision is the driving force for making Robinson Park a model of community activity and pride.