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Cynthia Road and Kickapoo Road Bridge Projects Ahead of Schedule

Bridge Project Updates

March 24, 2021: Construction of the new Cynthia Road bridge deck is now complete. Construction to raise and repave the road will soon begin. The bridge was raised about 1 foot, so the new approach of the road will now be raised and paved to match the new elevation. 

February 22, 2021: Even following the ice storm of Feb 15-18, contractors have reached significant milestones in the bridge projects.

On Kickapoo Road, crews have completed the bridge portion of the project. That phase of the project included replacing the wooden pilings with concrete pilings and raising the deck an additional two feet to meet current flood plain regulations. Due to the new height of the bridge, the roadbed must now be raised as it approaches the bridge. Crews are currently building up the subsurface to the required height and grade elevations on the approach. 

Cynthia Road bridge project is also moving ahead despite the winter precipitation. During the week of February 22, crews were driving the final two concrete pilings. Once completed, the bridge deck with be set in place and the approach to the bridge will be raised. Like the Kickapoo project, the bridge is being raised two feet to meet new FEMA floodplain regulations.

The elevation of the bridge to the new flood plain elevations, will also require the approaches to the bridge to be raised to meet federal regulations for approach grade.

Two Bridge Replacement Projects to Begin January 4 in Clinton

Kickapoo Road and Cynthia Road to close for construction

Two bridge replacement projects are slated to begin on January 4, 2021 in Clinton, meaning detours and road closures for motorists.

Permanent repairs to the Cynthia Road bridge near Magnolia Road and the Kickapoo Road bridge between Pinehaven and Clinton-Tinnin Roads are scheduled to begin on January 4, 2021.

During construction, Cynthia Road will be closed between Magnolia Road and Southern Trace Boulevard. Kickapoo Road will be closed between Pinehaven Road and Lake Hollow

Road closures will begin on January 4 and detours will be posted. Motorists traveling Cynthia Road from Highway 49 the area will need to take alternate routes to approach Arrow Drive and Traceway Park.

Residents accessing Kickapoo Road from Pinehaven Road will follow detours to Williamson Road to Clinton-Tinnin Road.

It is anticipated that the construction will take 4 – 6 months to complete each project. 

The replacement cost for the Cynthia Road bridge is $863,019.50 while the

Kickapoo Road replacement is budgeted at $540,057.30.

According to Mayor Phil Fisher, “I am proud for these projects to move forward, a permanent fix has been our goal and these bridge replacements are an important component in upgrading our infrastructure for the next generation. Infrastructure investment has been one of our five priorities to move Clinton forward. In 2020 alone, over $3 million was spent on road replacements and paving projects in the city.”

Additional road and bridge projects are slated for completion in 2021.  Midway Road bridge replacement should begin in mid-2021 following design approvals from MDOT. Arrow Drive will see the addition of a new walking trail from Pinehaven to Cynthia beginning in March. Arrow Drive will also see new pavement in the summer as part of the 2021 paving plan. Additionally, over $1.2 Million has been budgeted for street paving throughout the city in 2021.

For more information on infrastructure projects, please visit This webpage will be updated as all projects move toward completion.