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2019 Street and Infrastructure Improvements

Street and roadway improvements have begun in the City of Clinton and will continue throughout the Summer of 2019.

Several heavily traveled roadways will see vast improvements. Slated for reconstruction due to expansive clays and traffic volume is the Clinton Parkway.

Crews will work to remove existing roadbed and sub-surface materials to smooth the heaving of the asphalt. Once removed, appropriate soils will be added and compacted prior to new asphalt being laid. Crews will also be replacing the crosswalks that have sunken over time.

Total cost for the project to replace the roadbed and improve the crosswalks is $1.145 million. Construction will continue from June - September. Please be alert for traffic delays on the Clinton Parkway.

Portions of four streets have also been slated for significant reconstruction: Briarwood Drive, Woodridge Place, Easthaven Drive and Bruenburg Parkway (roundabout). Repairs will require removal of asphalt and subsurface with infill to prevent heaving of the surface. Each of these road ways have sunken over time due to age and expansive soils.

As streets have sunken over time, roadbeds and gutters do not align properly which impacts not only the smoothness of the drive, but also the drainage of water from the roadway. Repairs will improve ride and drainage of these roads.

Correction of these matters on Woodbridge, Easthaven and Briarwood should alleviate standing water in the roadbed for days following a rainstorm.

Correction to the crumbling road in Bruenburg will allow more efficient ingress and egress to the neighborhood.

Repairs to Briarwood Drive were completed June 12. Repairs to Woodbridge will begin around June 24 and be completed on approximately July 18. Repairs to Bruenburg Parkway (Welbourne Circle) will begin on July 22 and run through August 20. Reconstruction of the northern end of Easthaven Drive will begin August 21 with a completion date of September 11. Completion dates are weather permitting.

Residents of areas affected by reconstruction will be notified directly of pending detours and road closures. Residents may also see road closures at

Finally, Mayor Fisher and the Board have budgeted over $1,000,000 for the 2019 Striping and Paving projects.

Plans are to begin milling, paving and striping the roads in early June and should be completed within the contractually mandated period.

According to Mayor Fisher, streets were graded and prioritized based on need for paving or striping. Mayor Fisher noted that the striping and paving project is “well overdue”.

To view a list of streets included in the 2019 paving plan and the street rating list, please visit our website at

In all, almost $3,000,000 will be used in 2019 to for paving and road reconstruction within the City of Clinton.