City of Clinton

Military Tribute Banners

Military Tribute Banners

Clinton Honoring our Hometown Heroes with Banner Program


Once again in 2018, The City of Clinton will be presenting a banner program entitled “Honoring Our Heroes”, created for the community to recognize and honor all Clinton active duty personnel and veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, National Guard, and Reserve units - with courage and compassion.

The patriotic-design banners will be heavy vinyl, 24” wide x 54” long, printed on both sides, and will display the veterans’ photograph in uniform. The banners will include full name, branch of the military, and the era, or the years of service. The banners will be displayed on the light poles that line the Clinton Parkway from Springridge Road at Highway 80 to Northside Drive.  There are 25 remaining locations for veteran banners, so first-come basis will be observed by all interested participants.  The banners will be seen for the first time on Memorial Day 2018 and will be seen again on other patriotic holidays in 2018.

Each participant will be required to: (1) complete a banner order form, (2) email a high-resolution quality headshot photograph of the serviceman or veteran in uniform to, and (3) make payment of $200.00 for each banner,  by cash or check payable to: City of Clinton. The banner order form can be downloaded at, or can be picked up at the Clinton Visitor Center located at 1300 Pinehaven Road.

Each participant should turn in his banner order form in person to the Clinton Visitor Center, along with payment by cash or check payable to: City of Clinton and email a high-resolution photo to For questions please contact Marsha Barham by calling 601-924-2221 or email  Banners may now be purchased for Spring 2018.