City of Clinton

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation


Contact Information:
Chandra Fontenot Broomfield, Director
(601) 924 - 6387

Physical Address: 111 Clinton, Blvd., Clinton MS 39056

Living Young Program (Age 50+)

Living Young is for individuals ages 50+ to improve their quality of life through recreation and play. Programs are held at the Wood Activity and Therapeutic Center.

ABILITIES Program (Special Needs)

The ABILITIES program is designed for individuals ages 6+ with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Programs include Challenger League sports, crafts and social events.

About Therapeutic Recreation

Senior and therapeutic recreation services is a department in the City of Clinton that meets the physical, social and mental needs of seniors and mentally challenged individuals.

Wood Activity & Therapeutic Center Amenities

The Wood Activity Center offers a variety of amenities. Use of these additions are for all participants in the ABILITIES and Living Young Programs.