• Clinton Fire Department
  • 1234 Clinton-Raymond Road
  • 601-925-1010
Fire Department

Emergency Management

The City of Clinton’s Emergency Management Division is managed by the Clinton Fire Department Chief as the Emergency Management Coordinator and is assisted by the Fire Department Staff. The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) is maintained and updated by the Clinton Fire Department. EMP assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks to members of the City staff.  The EMP identifies specific activities and actions taken before, during, and after emergencies.  Our EMP is continually updated and exercised during both training and emergency situations.

Each fire station is maintained with generators, internet and communications equipment which enables the city  to have a redundancy of interoperability venues to keep us informed in order to develop and apply numerous emergency tactics to keep our citizens informed and out of harm’s way.

City of Clinton charging stations for cell phones and medical equipment at the following locations:

·         Fire Station 1, 1234 Clinton-Raymond Road

·         Fire Station 2, 911 Old Vicksburg Road

·         Fire Station 3, 1659 West Northside Drive

·         Fire Station 4, 1973 Pinehaven Road

·         Clinton Police Department, 305 Monroe Street

Charging stations are available for all residents in the event of power outages.