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Court Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The City of Clinton Municipal Court has rescheduled the following Court dates:

COURT DATE                       NEW COURT DATE

4/1/2020 ANYTIME           8/20/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/2/2020 ANYTIME           9/3/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/8/2020 ANYTIME           9/10/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/9/2020 ANYTIME           9/17/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/15/2020 ANYTIME        9/24/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/16/2020 ANYTIME        10/01/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/21/2020 ANYTIME        10/22/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/22/2020 ANYTIME        10/29/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/23/2020 ANYTIME        11/5/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/28/2020 ANYTIME        11/19/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/29/2020 ANYTIME        12/3/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/30/2020 ANYTIME        12/10/2020 AT 1:00 PM

Fines may still be paid on our website and at the window at Court Services.

Those paying past due fines may use this as an opportunity for amnesty. All those choosing to pay past due fines during this time, will have their contempt of court fines waived by the judge.


Court Services provides for municipal court administration to the city, which includes the collection and processing of fines and fees associated with traffic citations and municipal court cases.

Judge Steven Boone serves as Municipal Judge and oversees the day to day operations of the court. 

Clinton Municipal Court is located at 305 Monroe Street, Clinton, MS 39056. For information, call 601-924-4411.