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Arrowhead - Archery Range

Come help create a supportive community of archery enthusiasts. Arrowhead Archery at Traceway Park is an outdoor range for archers with range passes to enjoy. We offer a comfortable and fun place for all members of Arrowhead Archery to hone their archery skills. 


General Information:

Whether your goal is to have a solitary shoot, participate in a little friendly competition, or develop skills to become a prolific archer, Arrowhead Archery is the perfect place to practice your aim. 

Arrowhead Archery opens at 8 A.M. till dusk each day. Before use, all archers must have a current Arrowhead Archery pass. Archers must provide their equipment: bows, arrows—string, quiver, scope.. etc. However, targets are provided for different shooting radius. Before using the archery range, please review the range's safety rules. Please take note that Crossbows, X - Bows, and Broadheadsare are not permitted on the range. 

Range Passes:Arrowhead Archery Group Shoot at Traceway Park

$5/day pass for individual

$15/day pass for family

$50/year passes for individual

$75/year passes for family

Purchase passes at the Parks and Rec Administrative office located at Traceway Park. 

About Arrowhead Archery:

Arrowhead Archery features a 125’ x 15’ covered shooting shed with traditional targets spaced at distances between 20 yards and 100 yards for participants of all skill levels.

Arrowhead Archery’s  3-D Range takes the archery range into the woods, introduces unique angles, and creates new ways to have fun with a bow. We provide three-dimensional animal targets that challenge archers at each station. The targets range from small skunks to bears and are set along a course that meanders through a dense pine forest. 

Each target helps create a different shooting scenario. You might shoot downhill at a deer target, and then walk a few steps to shoot at a hog in a thicket. The shots try to mimic the countless scenarios bowhunters could face in the field.

3-D archery isn’t just for hunters. It’s exciting for any archer because no two shots are the same, and it’s meant to be played with a group of archers. If you are interested in the 3-D range, please make sure to call ahead to see the availability of the targets. 

Arrowhead Archery Programs:

Arrowhead Archery is located at 194 Soccer Row on the southeast corner of the soccer side of Traceway Park near the offices of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Arrowhead Archery is a cooperative effort between the city of Clinton, Mississippi College, Clinton Public Schools, and CCA to build two archery ranges – a covered outdoor archery range and a 3D archery range.

Arrowhead Archery hopes the range will be a place for novices and experts alike to enjoy the rapidly growing sport. Archery as a sport is growing exponentially in the USA. The number of Americans participating in archery stood at 21.6 million just a few years ago.

Parks and Recreation officials are working with the Director of Archery at the Mississippi High School Activities Association to provide opportunities for youth in the Metro Jackson area.  In just over three years, archery in Mississippi Schools has grown to over 8,000 students participating in archery from the 5th grade to the 12th grade. 

Safety Rules:

  • Follow archery shooting procedures below;
  • All shooters must have an Arrowhead Archery Membership to shoot;
  • No broadheads or crossbows allowed;
  • Only shoot at designated targets
  • Always be aware of what is beyond the target
  • Always keep the bow pointed down range or towards targets
  • Always draw the bow with arrow parallel to the ground
  • Only nock arrows at the shooting line
  • Always have an arrow knocked when drawing to eliminate the possibility of a dry fire
  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be under adult supervision
  • All Archers are participating at their own liability
  • No more than 12 archers on the range at a time
  •  No smoking while on the range
  • Absolutely NO horseplay
  • Safety rules and proper shooting etiquette must be followed at all times.
  • All other CPRD Park rules apply

Tournaments and Corporate Events:

Arrowhead Archery is available for tournaments and corporate team-building exercises.

For more information, please contact Courtney Nunn, Recreation Division Director to schedule your tournament or event at 601-924-6082 or email cnunn@clintonms.org

Shooting Procedures:

  • Verify that the range is clear
  • Give “Range is Hot” or similar command to indicate shooting may commence
  • When finished shooting, place the bow on the rack orSight For arrowhead archery resize.JPG set it down and wait behind the shooting line until all archers are finished shooting
  • Proceed to the targets to retrieve arrows
  • No person shall retrieve arrows until all archers are finished shooting
Please report any unsafe conditions to the CPRD office or call 601-924-6082. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911.