Quisenberry Library

Walk of Honorees

The Walk of Honorees recognizes those Clintonians who best meet the following criteria: excellence in the fields of visual or performing arts, sports, science, and writing; extent to which the person has had a profound and enduring effect at a local, statewide, or national level; extent to which each person’s work enhances Clinton’s image.

A bronze plaque describing each honoree’s story  can be viewed on the “Walk of Honorees” located on the one-mile Quisenberry Library Trail at the Quisenberry Library.

The City of Clinton has chosen to honor Clintonians who have been recognized for achievements of excellence in their field at the local, state, or national level.  Many have received prestigious awards.  These individuals either grew up in Clinton or spent time in Clinton during the span of their achievement of excellence in their area of expertise.

The Quisenberry Library is located at 605 East Northside Drive, Clinton, MS.  

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2018 Honorees:

Nevada Barr - Excellence in Writing

Lance Bass - Excellence in Performing Art

Terri Blackstock - Excellence in Writing

Jeff Brantley - Excellence in Sports

Jimmy Byrd - Excellence in Science

Keith Carlock - Excellence in Performing Art

Ted DiBiase, Sr. -Excellence in Sports

Ted DiBiase, Jr. - Excellence in Sports

Dr. Samuel Marshall Gore - Excellence in Visual Art

Barry Hannah -Excellence in Writing

Larry Myricks - Excellence in Sports

James Sclater- Excellence in Performing Art

Wyatt Waters-Excellence in Visual Art

2019 Honorees:

Baylus Richard Albritton, Jr.- Excellence in Science

Mark Childress- Excellence in Writing

Meredith Edwards Collins - Excellence in Performing Arts

Eddie Cotton, Jr.–Excellence in Performing Arts

Shelly Fairchild- Excellence in Performing Arts

Dr. Archie Germany- Excellence in Science 

Jaret Holmes- Excellence in Sports

Doug Hutton- Excellence in Sports

Daniel Curtis Lee- Excellence in Performing Arts

Nathan Lee, Jr. - Excellence in Performing Arts

Plautus Iberus Lipsey, Jr. - Excellence in Journalism

Scott Savage- Excellence in Performing Arts

Jarekus Singleton- Excellence in Performing Arts

Robin Whitfield- Excellence in Visual Arts (Family will attend)