City of Clinton



The City provides sanitary sewage service. A monthly service fee is included in the utility bill. Because there is no effective way to gauge sewage output from each house, the fee is based on water consumption.

Sewer Backup

7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays

After hours, weekends and holidays

A sewer lateral is the sewer line that connects your home to the sewer main. The sewer lateral carries all waste water from your home into the sewer main. A private plumber installed your sewer lateral when the home was built. Because it is a private line, maintenance and repairs are the homeowner's responsibility. However, If you suspect or experience a sewer blockage, you should report it to the Clinton Public Works office for a thorough inspection.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to flush or clear the sewer lateral. The exception would be if a problem in the homeowner's lateral is caused by a blockage in the city sewer main.

A sewer clean-out is an access point on the sewer lateral that allows the line to be flushed or cleared in the event of a sewer blockage. The clean-out can also be used to prevent sewage back-up inside the home. The sewer clean-out is usually located close to the structure and is made of P.V.C. (plastic) or metal. Shrubs and plants should be kept away from the clean-out.

What can I flush?