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Golf Cart Ordinance

Effective January 4, street-legal folf carts can now roll down approved neighborhood streets with a resolution passed by Clinton’s Board of Aldermen last month. In order to be street legal, golf carts must have “headlights, taillights, brakes and seatbelts,” Mayor Phil Fisher said. “A golf cart without those things will not be allowed as a street-legal golf cart.” Back-up lights are not a requirement.

In addition, no one under the age of 16 will be allowed to drive a street-legal golf cart on the specified streets, as the driver must have a valid driver’s license.

Golf carts, which are specifially defined as a vehicle designed and manufactured to be operated on a folf course, are not allowed to exceed 20 mph when driven on an approved street.

The ordinance, which goes into effect this week, cites that the street-legal golf carts are not allowed on the freeway, limited access roads, principal arterial, minor arterial or collector roads as definded by the City’s comprehensive plan, except for crossing these streets; however, the driver must use the shortest traveling distance to cross streets.

When a cart is driven from dusk to dawn, the cart must use taillights and headlights, and may only be operated in the outside lane. The driver must also remain seated. If a golf-cart driver doesn’t comply with the items in this ordinance, the driver can be issued a traffic citation in the same manner as if the infraction occurred while operating a vehicle.

“How does this apply to the Christmas parade?” Ward 5 Alderman Jan Cossitt inquired.

“Since the streets are closed to traffic, the special event authorization applies to the Christmas and Caterpillar parade,” Ward 1 Alderman David Ellis said.

The golf carts are not required to have a license plate.

“The vehicle must be a golf cart. Anything that doesn’t meet the definition of a golf cart will be prohibited,” Ward 6 Alderman Mike Cashion said.

The ordinance was proposed after residents of at least one larger Clinton neighborhood and also in the Olde Towne area requested to drive golf carts in those areas. However, “if you’re going to drive it, you do need to have a license. State laws in numberous communities they are working with require a driver’s license. A golf cart is not legal until retrofitted with turn signals, brake lights, and headlights – this all has to be done before it is legal,” Fisher said.

 Lock it or Lose It

The Clinton Police Department is encouraging residents to “LOL” (Lock It or Lose It) their cars and secure their valuables in order to prevent thefts through the holiday season.

Recent crime stats show continued reductions in auto burglaries from over 150 in 2013 to 54 in the most recent 12 months. Chief Hayman and Mayor Phil Fisher are championing the LOL (Lock it or Lose it) campaign as an important step in continuing the significant reduction in property crimes in the city.

"Most vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries are crimes of opportunities and if a vehicle or building is locked, a criminal will usually move on," Chief Ford Hayman noted. "Locking car doors will substantially decrease the likelihood of being victimized. Of the 60 auto burglaries in the city over the last year, only four have involved forced entry through broken windows’"

“Every day, the hard working men and women of the Clinton Police Department are out there in force doing their best to keep crime down," Chief Ford Hayman noted. "Oftentimes though, it is the partnership with the public that helps get us the results.”

Chief Hayman highlighted, that if residents actively participate in the Lock it or Lose it campaign, our community could potentially eliminate property crimes.

Neighborhoods and businesses are invited to participate in the campaign as well. For more information on implementation of the campaign your neighborhood or business, please contact Lt. Michael Kelly at 601-924-5252.

New Training Facility for Clinton Police and Fire Becoming a Reality

Clinton, MS (November 7, 2017) – Through the generosity of several local businesses and the CJ Stewart Foundation’s Camp Down Range on Clinton-Tinnin Road, Clinton’s first responders will soon have their own public safety training facility and firing range.

Police Chief Ford Hayman noted, “It is with great pleasure to announce the partnership between the City of Clinton and CJ Stewart’s, Camp Down Range. This partnership was developed to provide a public safety training facility for exclusive use of the police and fire personnel, while further enhancing the mission of Camp Down Range. 

Perfectly situated on the northern outskirts of Clinton at Kickapoo Road, the new training facility is perfectly suited for enhanced training opportunities for Clinton’s First Responders due to it’s location and Camp Down Range’s mission.

According to Chief Hayman, “Camp Down Range seemed to be the perfect venue for a training facility for the police and fire departments. Down Range was created with adversity training in mind and corresponds perfectly for a public safety training facility.”

The idea for a shared training facility is the brain child of Chief Hayman, Chief Jeff Blackledge and Mayor Philip R. Fisher. The concept was pitched several months ago to CJ Stewart. From the first meeting, CJ was “all in” and the project was launched,” Hayman stated. 

“This training facility fits perfectly into the city’s plans to have the most well trained and responsive Police and Fire Departments around. I am grateful to the generosity of these businesses for their support of that vision, to C.J. Stewart for sharing the vision and to the Police and Fire Chiefs for working to make this center a reality,” stated Mayor Phil Fisher.

Camp Down Range’s Public Safety Training Facility will consist of a 10-12 lane firing range, a Conex city training site, and a 50 foot repel tower. This multi-use training facility, upon completion, will be a game-changer for the City of Clinton’s police and fire departments. Camp Down Range will see long term benefits by incorporating these resources into their challenging courses and camps.

Fire Chief Jeff Blackledge sees the training facility as a benefit to not only first responders, but to the community as a whole through the education programs of the Fire Department. In recent weeks, CFD has welcomed almost 300 children per week to the various stations for fire safety training.

Chief Blackledge explained his plans for the facility, “along with the Conex City, the fire department hopes to be able to teach children how to exit safely from a smoky atmosphere. The Conex city will be set up like a house, School classroom and possibly storefronts. This will make the training more lifelike.”

Additionally, the training tower will have many opportunities to train such as; repelling,  confined space rescue and high angle rescue just to name a few.

“This is a great opportunity for the police and fire departments to train together and learn from each other and help each other out in times of need,” Blackledge added.

 The project has been made possible through funding from donors. The donations take different forms, monetary and in-kind donations of services/labor. We want to take this opportunity to thank Copeland and Johns Construction, Fordice Construction, and Birdsong Construction. These partners have provided the resources to begin construction and the first leg of the project (firing range) is nearing completion. Residents interested in supporting the new training facility may contact Chief Blackledge or Chief Hayman to learn about support opportunities.

CPD asks residents to SLOW DOWN

Back to School is upon us and CPD is raising awareness of excessive speeding on our roadways, especially in our neighborhoods. School days bring congestion, buses are picking up kids, parents are trying to drop their kids off before work, and kids are walking or riding bikes.

It’s vitally important for drivers to slow down and pay attention when kids are present, especially before and after school. We must share the road and drive with caution and care. 

Chief Ford Hayman stated that the department “routinely get calls from various streets or neighborhoods, alerting us to speeding vehicles.”

To effectively identify problem areas and peak enforcement times the department utilizes two traffic data recorders to make informed decisions by tracking speeding patterns within city neighborhoods.

Throughout the year, Clinton Police utilize this technology to record traffic data such as number of vehicles, direction of travel, and most importantly accurate speeds of vehicles on a particular roadway. The department then analyzes the data when making decisions to deploy the traffic unit and patrol officers to enforce traffic laws for a safer environment for our residents.

“The safety of our residents is paramount to CPD and speeding increases the likelihood of an injury sustaining traffic accident,” stated Chief Hayman.

Hayman provided an illustration of traffic data technology. In the last week of July 2017, speeding on Parker Dr. was routinely 79.4% above the posted speed limit of 25 MPH. The fastest speed posted was between 56-60 MPH. The majority of recorded speeds incidents (1573) were recorded between 31-35 MPH. The traffic pattern on Parker Dr. that week indicated that largest percentage of vehicles traveled at least 6 MPH – 10MPH higher than the posted speed limit. This technology enables CPD to monitor any roadway necessary to evaluate traffic data. If a safety issue is observed, we can deploy traffic enforcement in the immediate area of concern.

Hayman reiterated that combating the speeding problem on our roadways involves the community’s partnership with law enforcement. “I ask for your assistance in sharing traffic awareness so our neighborhoods and city are safer because we are adhering to the posted speed limits. Remember, it’s about our children, friends, and neighbors.”

Whether it is busy thoroughfares or neighborhood surface streets, CPD is working diligently to prevent speeding and careless driving. As school begins, CPD will be using data gathered from the data recorders and historical trends to identify areas for heightened enforcement of the posted speed limits. Motorists are reminded that operation of a motor vehicle is a responsibility that caries serious consequences when operated carelessly.


Crime Stats Show Continued Improvement

Clinton’s property crime statistics continue to show significant improvement over the same time frame one year ago. Property crimes include, residential, business and auto burglary.

Recent analysis of property crime statistics for January – March 2017 show a drop of around forty (40) percent compared to the same time frame in 2016. From January – March 2016, Clinton had 63 property crimes. For the same period in 2017, Clinton has had 36 property crimes.

These statistics continue to improve upon the positive trend of lower property crimes in the city since 2013. Crime stats for the past four years show significant reductions in auto burglaries from over 180 in 2013 to just over 60 in calendar year 2016. Of those 60 auto burglaries, only a couple involved forced entry into the vehicle, all others were unlocked doors with valuables left in plain sight.

Chief Hayman attributes the continued reduction of property crime to several factors. Expanded police presence through the increase of the patrol officer ranks to 56 officers as well as the creation n of a traffic unit has provided a preventative presence in all parts of the city. Secondly, Chief Hayman credits the awareness of the community to the need for crime prevention through community partnerships.

Through the vigilance of the community and the Lock it or Lose It Campaign, prevention of crime has become a community partnership between residents, businesses and the Police Department.

As the Spring and Summer travel seasons approach, Clinton Police are encouraging residents to lock their cars and secure their valuables in order to prevent thefts..

Chief Hayman and Mayor Phil Fisher championed the LOL (Lock it or Lose it) campaign as an important step in continuing the significant reduction in property crimes in the city.

"Most vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries are crimes of opportunities and if a vehicle or building is locked, a criminal will usually move on," Chief Ford Hayman noted. "Locking car doors will substantially decrease the likelihood of being victimized. Of the 60 auto burglaries in the city over the last year, only one crime has involved forced entry through broken windows’"

“Every day, the hard working men and women of the Clinton Police Department are out there in force doing their best to keep crime down," Chief Ford Hayman noted. "Oftentimes though, it is the partnership with the public that helps get us the results.”

Chief Hayman highlighted, that if residents actively participate in the Lock it or Lose it campaign, our community could significantly reduce property crimes.


Traffic Directional Changes For Lawson Street

Lawson Street between Monroe and East Street has become one way in an easterly direction. Lawson Street in front of the Post Office will only be accessible from Monroe Street.

East Street from Lawson south to Leake Street will become one way moving traffic in a southerly direction. Those exiting the Post Office and the parking behind the shops on Monroe Street will be required to turn east on Lawson Street to exit the businesses.

The addition of four new businesses along Monroe Street between Leake and Lawson Streets has made it necessary for the city of make Lawson Street in front of the Post Office and a portion of East Street one way.

Additional parking on Monroe Street due to the new developments, is causing motorists to pull further into Monroe Street when exiting Lawson Street. After listening to concerns of motorists, residents and businesses and evaluating traffic flow in the area, the city has determined that the best solution is to make the two streets one way in the area near the Post Office.

City leaders also believe that the changes will bring a solution to the decades old problem of traffic flow in front of the Post Office. For years, those using the outside drop boxes of the Post Office have had to cross traffic to drop mail. New changes will prevent the frequent, near head on collisions of motorists dropping off mail.

In addition to traffic flow, new parking will be added to the south side of Lawson and the west side of East Streets opening more spaces for shoppers visiting the Monroe Street shops and Post Office.

Clinton Aldermen Approve State of the Art Body Camera System for Police Department

Clinton Aldermen at the request of Police Chief Ford Hayman have approved the Clinton Police Department to purchase Bodyworn video cameras to record interactions with the public as well as provide an additional layer of protection for officers and residents.

CPD will be acquiring and deploying those devices as well as in-car video cameras in the month of October.

“The dash cameras and body cams will be a beneficial tool to protect our police force on the front lines and respond to any citizen’s questions about an officer’s actions,” stated Chief Ford Hayman

 Aldermen unanimously approved the purchase of 40 cameras from Decatur, Georgia based Utility Associates, the maker of Bodyworn.


In addition to enhancing police accountability and improving public trust, the cameras are also intended to help keep officers safe.

The devices are equipped with “officer down activation,” according to Chief Hayman.

This will cause the camera to begin recording automatically if an officer falls to the ground, which also “alerts 911 dispatchers and officers in the area,” he stated in his presentation to the board.

According to the company’s website (, the cameras and car cameras are GPS-enabled, which will allow medics and public safety to locate injured officers more quickly.

“I am very pleased that the board approved the purchase of in car and body cameras from Utility,” Hayman stated. “This product and company offers the equipment, storage, and support that best fits my department’s needs.”

The body cameras are built into the officer’s uniforms, decreasing the likelihood of the camera becoming dislodged.

Other features of the new in-vehicle devices include vehicle sensors triggering automatic activation when officers turn on their light bars.

Officers can also manually activate the cameras.


The systems are Wi-Fi enabled, turning each vehicle into a hotspot allowing instantaneous uploading of data. The images from the cameras can be archived immediately without the officers having to use docking stations to upload at the end of their shift.

According to the police department, camera deployment began the last week of September and will continue through the month of October.

Clinton Police Arrest Pro Soccer Player Turned Drug Trafficker

Clinton, Miss. (August 1, 2016) Clinton Police have arrested a former professional soccer player and charged him with multiple counts of possession of illegal narcotics with the intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm. 

Kellen Gulley of 111 Cardinal Lane in Clinton and a former player for the Chicago Fire of MLS, is believed to be a significant dealer of marijuana, powder cocaine, and codeine syrup in Clinton and other portions of the metro area. 

On July 29, 2016, at approximately 11:00 pm, a CPD Narcotics Detective made a traffic stop on a black Cadillac CTS being driven by Kellen Gulley. When the detective smelled the odor of Marijuana emanating from within Gulley’s vehicle, a search ensued.

After being instructed to remain at the rear of his vehicle, Gulley attempted to approach the detective during the search of the vehicle and was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct - disobeying a lawful order. 

During an inventory of Gulley’s vehicle, the detective recovered various illegal drugs packaged for sales along with weight scales, a semi-automatic handgun, and suspected drug money.          

Based on prior encounters and the evidence found to be in Gulley’s possession, the detective obtained a search warrant for Gulley’s residence at 111 Cardinal Lane in Clinton, Mississippi. The search of Gulley’s residence yielded additional illegal drugs, paraphernalia, and suspected drug money concealed in a bedroom. 

Gulley is facing new charges; felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm, felony possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm, misdemeanor possession of a schedule V controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, disorderly conduct-disobeying a lawful order, and careless driving. Bond was set at $25,000 on the felony charges and $1,700 on the misdemeanor charges. Gulley made bond Sunday, July 31.

Kellen Gulley is no stranger to the Clinton Police Department’s Narcotics unit. Gulley was currently out on bond from the county jail on charges related to aggravated assault, shooting into an occupied dwelling, felony possession of a Marijuana with the intent to distribute while in possession of a firearm, felony possession of a schedule V controlled substance while in possession of a firearm, misdemeanor possession of a schedule II controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia. 

On January 25, 2016, Kellen Gulley was arrested in relation to a shooting incident that occurred at his residence located at 111 Cardinal Lane in Clinton, Mississippi. The January shooting stemmed from a “drug deal gone bad” where Gulley was believed to have opened fire, hitting a subject who was attempting to rob Gulley for illegal drugs. The January search of Gulley’s residence yielded large amounts of various illegal drugs, a semi-automatic assault rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, paraphernalia, and suspected drug money.

The Clinton Police Narcotics Unit is continuing the investigation in an effort to divulge any and all conspirators and/or users who had been buying illegal drugs from Gulley. Clinton Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to illegal drug use in our city.





Clinton Police Offer Tips to Pokemon Go Users

As Pokémon fever sweeps the nation thanks to a new phone app, Clinton police are providing safety tips to the many residents playing the augmented reality game after two Clinton residents were robbed on Sunday morning at 4 A.M. while playing the game.

The newest installment of the Pokémon franchise has come in the form of the smart phone app, Pokémon Go. The game allows users to leave the house and explore their surroundings to catch Pokémon through augmented reality.

But officials are warning folks to be aware of their surroundings while playing. Since the app’s launch on July 6, reports of crime have begun to surface- including one robbery out of Clinton where it was believed the suspects targeted the victim through the application. 

As app players enjoy the new, unexplored world around them, Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman asks game players to practice a few simple tips to keep them safe while catching the Pokémon.

  • Tell your kids about stranger-danger. The way that the game is designed can bring people together in the real world as they search for Pokémon in common areas called gyms and pokestops. Obviously, you never know who you could run into while playing.
  • Set limits on where your kids can go. "Don't leave the street/neighborhood without me" can limit the amount of strangers that you or your kids could encounter.
  • Watch the road! I've already seen a number of people - both kids and adults - so engrossed while staring at their phones and following a map, that they've walked right into the street and into objects. Pay attention!
  • Pay attention to suspicious individuals and vehicles that may be lurking in dark areas waiting to victimize players focused on the game and not on their surroundings.
  • And as always, if you run into an individual that is seemingly up to no good - don't hesitate to dial 911!

Clinton Police Offer Internet Transaction Safe Zone

Looking for a safe place to purchase goods from a Craigslist seller?

Need somewhere secure to sell items through Facebook garage sale sites?

Inviting a stranger to one’s home can open homeowners up to theft or other issues; so the parties agree to meet in a suitable public place, such a park. But even that may not be the safest alternative.

The City of Clinton has set up an Internet Transaction Zone -- a safe area just inside the lobby of the Clinton Police Department at 305 Monroe Street in Olde Towne Clinton.

Marked by new signage, the area now serves as a safe location for locals to meet up to exchange goods and payments. "There's a spot that has a sign that say's here's the spot. You know there's police around, there are video cameras taping it," stated Chief Ford Hayman of the Clinton Police Department.

For larger internet transactions such as boats, trailers and cars, the department has set up a safe zone on the west side of the Police Department. With signs marking the transaction spots, the inside and outside locations are monitored by video surveillance 24 hours per day.

“Citizens or visitors to our community can exchange Internet purchases and transactions from sites such as Craigslist, Facebook and others,” stated Chief Hayman. “We encourage (everyone) to take advantage of the established e-Commerce Zone as a location to conduct Internet exchanges.”

The Internet Transaction Zone will go into full effect in July and metro area residents are now free to start taking advantage of the safety it provides.

The area is monitored by surveillance 24/7, and police officers, stationed in the building, will patrol the zone regularly.

Residents are also encouraged to alert CPD of their transaction by calling 601-924-5252. This will allow dispatch to be aware of your presence and the transaction. Residents may also request dispatch to run a VIN or title check on vehicle and boat transactions to ensure that there are not liens or issues with the title.

“There have been a number of documented cases throughout our country where citizens have fallen prey to individuals with criminal intent via the Internet. Citizens have been lured to isolated exchange locations and then faced with uncomfortable and at times dangerous interactions,” according to Hayman.

Hayman hopes the new transaction Zone will prevent those issues from occurring locally.

“With the popularity of Internet sales today, I think it’s good there's a safe place for citizens or visitors to use as a resource to conduct those transactions safely,” Hayman said. "If you're willing to meet me in this environment," he emphasized, "it's probably above board.

Clinton Police Arrest Auto Burglary Suspects

Tips to Prevent Auto Burglaries

Clinton Police have arrested two individuals connected to multiple auto burglaries in Clinton.

On May 26, 2016, Clinton Police Officers responded to a residence on Beverly Drive for a theft that occurred in the overnight hours of May 25-26.  Simultaneously, officers responded to the report of two (2) auto burglaries on Normandy Drive.  At approximately 11:54 A.M.on May 26, Regions Bank contacted Clinton Police and advised a subject identified as Jimmy Hughes was attempting to cash checks stolen from the auto burglaries that were reported on Normandy Drive. 

Upon arrival at Regions Bank, Clinton Police detained Jimmy Hughes. While detaining Hughes, officers noticed exercise equipment in the back of Hughes vehicle that was reported stolen from Beverly Drive.  After being placed in custody, additional stolen property was identified as stolen from the Normandy Drive.  As a result of the investigation Clinton Police arrested Hughes along with a second subject identified as Larry Konnor Hawkins.

The Clinton Police Department has charged Jimmy Wayne Hughes, 20 YOA, of Clinton, Mississippi with two (2) counts of auto burglary and one (1) county of Petit Larceny. Additional charges could be pending against Hughes.

Clinton Police have charged Larry Konnor Hawkins, 18 YOA, of Clinton, Mississippi with two (2) counts of auto burglary, one (1) count of petit larceny and possession of a controlled substance (schedule 1). Additional charges could be pending against Hawkins.

In these cases, as well as most, the cars and garages were open and provided an opportunity for theft. Each vehicle that was “broken” into was left unlocked with a wide array of property and valuables left in plain view. The thieves were simply presented with an “opportunity” to steal property.

Clinton Police are seeking the partnership of residents in reducing the opportunity for theft. Partnering together will improve the quality of life in Clinton by reducing the opportunity for theft.

Residents are reminded to lock doors at your residence or on your vehicle. Vehicle doors left unlocked provide an opportunity for someone who most likely wouldn’t have forced entry into a locked vehicle.

Police Chief Ford Hayman noted that, more often than not, auto burglaries are the result of vehicles being left unlocked.

“An unlocked vehicle is an opportunity for a thief, especially if valuables are left in plain view,” Hayman noted. Aside from locking your vehicle, take a moment to remove valuables: wallets, purses, guns, electronics, sporting equipment, etc. from your vehicle. Removing and securing your property is eliminating an opportunity for a thief.”         

Hayman also noted that the same rule of thumb applies to carports and garages. Residents are encouraged to take a moment and lower their garage doors even if they are only running across town on errands.

If you have an open carport, lock your valuable lawn equipment and property in a storage room. Do not leave lawn equipment in your yard for extended periods of time. Deterrence and prevention can be easily achieved if you simply adhere to taking an extra moment and securing your property.

City of Clinton Appoints Ford Hayman Police Chief

Clinton, Miss. (April 20, 2016) Clinton’s Board of Aldermen unanimously approved Mayor Phil Fisher’s appointment of Edwin Ford Hayman as Chief of Police on Tuesday night.

Raised in Clinton, Hayman graduated from Clinton High school. Hayman is married to Clinton native Sandi (Crosby) Hayman. Ford and Sandi Hayman are the proud parents of two boys, Connor (10) a 5th grader at Eastside Elementary and Cole (6) a kindergartner at Clinton Park Elementary.

Hayman stated that “words cannot describe what it means to come home and utilize the experience and skills I have learned in my career to serve and safeguard the Clinton community. I am excited to know that I am home.”

Chief Hayman received his B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Mississippi College in December, 2015.

Chief Hayman comes to the Clinton Police Department having served in multiple law enforcement roles in Byram, Jackson, and the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Since 2010 Hayman has served the Byram Police Department, most recently as Commander of Administrative Support since 2012. Prior to his promotion to Commander, Hayman worked as supervisor of detectives for the Byram Police Department.

Chief Hayman began his law enforcement career with the Jackson Police Department as a patrolman in 2000. Hayman’s service to the Jackson Police included roles with the S.W.A.T. team as well as a detective in the Robbery and Homicide division.

 “Ford Hayman’s combination of professional experience and deep community ties make him an ideal leader for today’s Clinton Police Department,” Mayor Fisher says. “I am confident that he will quickly earn the respect of officers and residents, and will serve ably as Chief of Police. He will carry forward the growth and progress our Police Department has made over the past three years that has seen the department grow from 36 paid officer slots to 56 paid officer positions.”

The process to select a new Police Chief began in February with the retirement of Chief Michael Warren.

The process to select a new Chief was thorough and included vetting by both the Board of Aldermen and a committee of residents. Initially, twelve applicants were interviewed by Mayor Fisher and Alderman at Large Jehu Brabham, who narrowed the list down to seven candidates.

Once the list was narrowed to seven, the remaining six members of the Board of Aldermen were broken into two groups of three to interview the remaining candidates and select the top four applicants to be interviewed by the committee of seven local residents and business leaders.

Clinton residents Ramey Ford, Neddie Winters, Johnny Singh, Ricky Garrett, Tim McCartney, Chanta Courtney and Bill Davis comprised the committee that assisted in the selection of the new Chief.

Following discussions and input from the search committees, Mayor Fisher noted that Ford Hayman “was an absolute consensus.” Mayor Fisher made the recommendation to the Board of Alderman to approve Ford Hayman as Chief of Police during the April 19 meeting.

In reference to his nomination of Chief Hayman, Mayor Fisher stated that “during the interview process, Chief Hayman presented a well written, comprehensive plan for moving the Clinton Police Department forward.”

Hayman identified three core competencies he will utilize in positioning the department for success: community partnerships, proactive criminal enforcement, and efficiency in service delivery.

“I believe that Chief Hayman and I will work well together and look forward to moving the department to the next level,” Fisher added.

Hayman plans to begin engaging the community immediately through a series of listening tours with neighborhood associations, civic groups and community leaders that will help develop strategic partnerships. In addition to the listening tours, Chief Hayman seeks to begin a Citizen’s Academy to strengthen the relationship between the department and residents.

Additionally, Chief Hayman will develop a plan for proactive criminal enforcement that will target property crimes and increase police visibility throughout the city. Hayman stated that he wants to convey the message that “one will not have the opportunity to commit crime in the city of Clinton.”

Finally, Chief Hayman plans to continue the increase in training opportunities for active response scenarios as well as customer service training for the department. Hayman noted “that for many people the Clinton Police Department is the first introduction to the city of Clinton and our service delivery must be exemplary.”

Chief Hayman will begin service as Chief of the Clinton Police Department on May 1, 2016.

 “It is an honor to serve my hometown and I am proud to have the opportunity to lead such a talented and dedicated force,” Hayman says. “Chief Warren and the administration have brought this department forward, and I will strive to build on the progress made over the past 3 years. On my watch, the department will continue to strive for the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, effectiveness, and service.” 






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