City of Clinton

Kids Towne Park

Kids Towne Park


Kid's Towne Park is the perfect example of a community driven project that brings great pride and joy to the community. 

Built by community volunteers beneath towering oak trees, the well shaded park is a popular destination for families to recreate and enjoy the outdoors. Kids' Towne Playground offers a wide variety of wood-constructed playground equipment, 3 tennis courts, 1 backboard court, a walking track and a pavilion.

Multiple trees make Kid's Towne a great destination for peaceful hammocking and shaded picnics. Eight acres of green space provide ample opportunities to run, play and experience the beauty of the outdoors. 

Located at 915 Old Vicksburg Rd., Clinton 39056

Park Hours:  Dusk until Dawn

Paved Walking Path - .17 mile

Crushed Concrete Path - 1 mile