City of Clinton



Where do the City's advertising and marketing dollars come from?

Funds generated by the City of Clinton's hotel/motel tourism tax (commonly referred to as 2% dollars) generates the advertising and marketing budget of the city. This is a tax only on hotel/motel rooms in the City of Clinton. These monies, by law, are designated for use in promoting and marketing the city and cannot be utilized in the general fund. Our recent marketing and advertising campaign and re-branding have been paid for from this fund. The 2% tax on rooms actually frees up monies from the general fund for day to day operations of the city.

Within our new brand strategy in the next F/Y, the 2% monies will be spent to market the city utilizing the You Belong Here brand strategy. Online Search Engine Marketing will target individuals online who are looking to relocate or open businesses. The campaign will also utilize traditional advertising avenues as well as social media and digital search engine optimization.

In the next fiscal year, the brand strategy, together with the information from the Retail Coach will allow the city to market itself in a clear and consistent manner to businesses and residents looking to relocate.

Until recently, marketing of the city was left to each department who wished to promote a service or program. By consolidating our advertising into one strategy, the city can maximize the marketing efforts of all departments thus stretching the money further.

To pose your concerns or thoughts, please visit the city website ( and click Ask the Mayor. We will be glad to discuss this campaign in more detail with you.