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Code of Ordinances

Go Cup District

Adults 21+ may now enjoy alcoholic beverages while walking the brick streets of Olde Towne by following the “Go Cup Ordinance” rules:

  • Beverages must be purchased or acquired at a permitted establishment within the Olde Towne Leisure and Recreation District.
  • Individuals may not enter a licensed premises with an alcoholic beverage. 
  • A “to go” beverage must be in a paper or plastic container and may not exceed sixteen ounces.
  • Maps of the Olde Towne Leisure and Recreation District will be posted at all permitted establishments, available on the City’s website, and at City Hall. 
  • Unless otherwise permitted by the property owner, citizens electing to take their beverage “to go” must stay within the public sidewalks and not private property.
  • Please do not drink and drive.

The Olde Towne Leisure and Recreation District, creates an area where the “possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, beer or light wine” will be allowed.  The “To-Go Cup” Ordinance as it is commonly referred to, requires Restaurants wishing to participate to post a map of the District boundaries in their establishments, making it easier for pedestrians to determine where they can walk and enjoy their beverage.  Beverages must also be in a paper or plastic cup, no greater than sixteen ounces.  Once a person exits the establishment, they cannot re-enter. 

With the passage of the Ordinance, Clinton becomes another City to take advantage of a State law passed in 2016.  Clinton joins more than twenty other Cities eligible to create Leisure and Recreation Districts. The new ordinance does not restrict open containers to special events, but allows diners at Olde Towne restaurants to partake of an alcoholic beverage while also strolling the historic brick streets.

The boundary was set to an area that is traditionally seen as the core business area of Olde Towne Clinton. The Olde Towne Leisure and Recreation District seeks to exclude residential areas, the Mississippi College Campus, City Hall and Churches. 

The ordinance took effect on Tuesday, October 19, 2017.