Mayor Phil Fisher

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A Message from Mayor Phil Fisher:

August 24, 2020

In this time of COVID, I thought we should talk about overcoming obstacles and discovering new ways to succeed together. I believe every problem presents an opportunity and those that find new solutions will survive and prosper.

Every organization must decide how to adopt and overcome the challenges it faces. While different organizations will have different issues and solutions, the chance to change your current operating methods to better serve and/or profit is in front of you. The first question to answer is “are you willing to adjust your traditional practices and find a more advantageous way to achieve your goals”?

In April, the City was faced with many issues as the COVID outbreak spread. While key workers needed to go home, their work could not follow. Upon their return in June we began to evaluate our processes to adapt and overcome if the COVID numbers require future actions.

1.     All receptionist took their phones home and tested them. If the phone did not function on their home network, a computer was set up using the appropriate software to answer and transfer calls. This allows the receptionist to stay home and remain productive in their work endeavors.

2.    Internet service was expanded at The Wood Center, Fire Station 2, Lion’s Club Park, and Brighton. This allows access for those lacking “internet to the home” an opportunity to continue their studies or work.

3.    Employees set home due to preexisting conditions and whose jobs could not be performed from home were given scanners and files to scan into the City system as we continue our efforts to go paperless.

4.    Work hours were modified to accommodate workloads allowing limited contact between employees.


5.    VPN’s were added to our systems to allow secure remote access for those that needed connectivity to the City’s network to handle sensitive files.

6.    Hot spot connectivity was provided to those in rural or underserved areas to assure they could do their tasks from home.

7.     Remote meetings, from homes and City offices became the norm. Virtual classes were held with exercise, and line dancing at the Wood Center and both the Wood Center and Train Depot hosting craft projects.

8.    The Train Depot hosted virtual readings to children, including stories from our sister City, Zarafshan, Uzbekistan.

9.    Court procedures were held remotely to assure a fair and swift legal process was maintained.

10.                       We Added touchless fine payment capabilities for Court Services to minimize contact between personnel and customers.

11.           The Economic Development and Communications Departments developed “Carry’d Away Clinton” program, to encourage restaurant business.

The City’s operating processes are better now than before. Circumstances forced us rethink and improve, developing new processes to continue our mission. Future disasters (ex. tornadoes) can be better handled because we have established, practiced, and utilized better work methods and ways to operate.

While these are frustrating days, forcing many unwanted changes on us all, we have two choices. You can hope for a return to the past, continuing to act and work as before or embrace innovation and the opportunities to improve. Those that act boldly to embrace the possibilities and adjust the playing field to their advantage will reap the rewards.

Put another way, as you view the world today, is the glass half empty or half full? I believe the glass is half full.

Together We Can Do Anything








Mayor Fisher and the city administration work diligently to advance the cause of Clinton through Economic Development, Historical Preservation and Community Development. Click below for a list of accomplishments the city has made since 2013. Each of these accomplishments help serve as a catalyst for growth in the city of Clinton and providing a growing tax base to support future needs.

City leadership actively recruit new businesses and developments daily. Working with The Retail Coach and local developers, the city is beginning to make strides in the recruitment of regional and national developments. Each of the accomplishments below, lay a ground work for development and investment in the city of Clinton.