Department Leadership

Will Purdie

City Attorney, City Judge

Clinton native William Purdie fills the position of City Attorney and City Judge. Purdie is the City of Clinton's second in-house Attorney. In May 2022, Purdie was appointed City Judge, following the three-year absents of former Judge Stephen Boone.

A 2003 graduate of Clinton High School, William received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2008.  Mr. Purdie received his J.D. from the University Of Mississippi School Of Law in 2011. 

Mr. Purdie brings 8 years of law experience and a passion for working for his hometown to the position.

William Purdie brings experience from multiple disciplines of legal affairs in the private and public sectors.  Following graduation from Law School in 2011, Purdie worked as an attorney in the firm of Purdie and Metz, PLLC in Ridgeland.

From 2015 to 2019, Purdie served as Director of Appeals for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid, advising leaders in the areas of administrative law and compliance. Mr. Purdie also developed litigation strategies and applied state statutes as they applied to the activities of the Division of Medicaid.

The City Attorney serves as a legal advisor and attorney for the City of Clinton as a government entity.  Because of the nature of the City Attorney's role, Mr. Purdie does not represent or provide legal advice to individual citizens, groups, or other entities.

The Attorney's job is to advise the mayor, Board of Aldermen, department directors, and other City employees; serve as legal counsel during Board meetings; support the legislative and administrative processes involving ordinances, contracts, legal research, legal opinions, and litigation; and represent the City's legal interests and defend its rights before all judicial, legislative and administrative tribunals.

Mr. Purdie is actively involved at Calvary Baptist Church in Jackson where he currently serves as Chairman-Elect of the Deacons. Additional activities at the Church include Security Committee, Foundation/Trust Committee, and Ministry Partnership Committee.